John (doodle456) wrote in spinnerthecat,

An evil monster did some damage to this adventure. Raven pictures and one Lindsay Lohan picture and one Hilary Duff picture are not working. Also, the last picture isn't working, and it's of William Shakespeare.

You guys are so weird. Raven is definitely the best Disney actress.

No, it's Lindsay Lohan.

Well you know what guys I think you're all not geniuses becuase Hilary Duff is the best one.

Guys, stop fighting! I don't know what's wrong with you but you've never been this obsessed with Disney stars before.

Oh my gosh, Bruce! You smell like you're under a curse, and so do the rest of ya'll. I think I'll go visit the toilet where the Disney stars live and get to the bottom of this.

Hello? Anyone in there?


Excuse her. Why have you come to visit us?

Yes, and answer quickly or we will harvest on your soul.

Well, my friends Bruce, Chino, and Hershey Man are all obsessed with you Disney girls. I smell a curse. Do you know anything about this?

Oh, that would be the Janaten Curse.

The only way to destroy the curse is to say "Mama Saxaphone birthed 27 babies in Alabama."


And tell that obnoxious horse I hate him.

"Mama Saxaphone birthed 27 babies in Alabama." Hooray, it worked! Oh, Chino, Hilary Duff said she hated you.

I am hurt.

Oh my gosh! They hurt Chino!

You bad guys! Well, now that this is all over, let's not watch Disney and read some classic literature!

Shalt I recommend the Romeo and Juliette?
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