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The first part of a shocking 2 part episode. Secrets revealed...friendships torn...

If enough people post, I'll post some Spinnery behind-the-scenes things while you wait for the second part.

Hey everyone! We've been invited to a violin concert for Anthony Stewart Head. He plays Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ooh I can't wait to go. What are you going to wear, Bruce?

I don't think I'm going to go...I, um, just don't feel like going.

Gee, what's his deal?

Chino, don't be nosy.

One of my only friends yelled at me. I am hurt.

Oh my gosh! They hurt Chino!

*Sigh* You bad guys...

Gee, this looks like an odd place for a concert.

That's what they said for Wisconsin!...That was a bad joke. I'll never be like Bob Saget.

Come in...

Hey! What's going on?

Muahaha! Anthony Stewart Head isn't here, you idiots. That was just a way to get you here. I see you've met my new partner, Crayola Man.

I'm the bestest villain ever! I'm so bad that not even the chocolate milk can stop me. Ha!


Now that you two are in this trap, there'll be no one to stop me from pushing this button which will cause mass chaos to the world.

You stupid-had, let me push it!

YOU IDIOT! You pushed the wrong button. Now their trap has disappeared and my lair is going to blow up!

Oh no! Everyone get out!

Get me out of here!

Come on, Hershey Kiss.

Wait, Spinner, I have something to tell you...

Oh my gosh...
What shocking secret does Hershey Kiss have to reveal to Spinner? Why is Bruce so gloomy? What is on that message Bruce has? Find out on the next episode of Spinner and Friends...


~This has been a Fuddy Production~
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