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Spinner Special: Halloween

Hi everyone! It's Spinner here. I'm sure you really want to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, but did you know that danger can happen on Halloween if you're not careful?! No need to go insane--I will help you protect yourself!

One of the most important rules is to not eat unwrapped candy that people give you. It can contain diseases.

Heyyyy I'm Anthony, new godfadda of da Ravioli Mafia. I got yo unwrapped candy. Da whole sha-bang sha-bang!

I'd rather eat my own costume that eat unwrapped and mysterious candy.

Another important rule is to not get into the car or house of a stranger.

Ooh, child, I'm Grandma Goodall. Come with me, I have lots of candy and cute little kittens!

I am a kitten, you idiot.

And the most important rule...share your candy with friends!

Ha-ha! Halloween is fun!


Sorry, all those questions you wanted to find the answer to in Takeover (Part 1) isn't going to be answered in this episode (which is a special, not a real episode). Look out for Takeover (Part 2)...

everyone have a happy halloween!!!!
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