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Takeover (Part 2)

The season finale and second part of the 2 part episode. Loved ones lost...friendships torn...secrets revealed...

Takeover (Part 2)

Hershey Kiss, what do you mean?

Well...it all started one year ago. When we were really good friends. I had plans to go to "Villain Camp" to learn how to stop evil villains, just like you. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to go...

----------------------------------ONE YEAR AGO-------------------------------------------------------

You should go, Hershey Kiss. There's nothing to be afraid of. You'll be even stronger than before!


Hi, little guy. I'm Hershey Kiss and I just arrived here at Villain Camp. When do we start fighting the villains?

Uh...we ain't fightin' villains. WE ARE VILLAINS.


Villain Camp is a place fo' villains to discuss their plans to try to take over da world! And since it seems like you ain't no villain, we gunna have to hypnotize you into bein' evil!


--------------------------------------PRESENT DAY----------------------------------------------------

And Spinner...the saddest part of all is...when they hypnotized me into being evil, they also made a curse. If I told this to anyone...I would die.

Hershey Kiss--noo!

----------------------------------ONE DAY LATER------------------------------------------------------

It's hard visiting his grave...

Yeah, it really hurts. I think this is the most pain I've ever felt out of every episode.

Um, you guys, well there's a reason why I've been so moody. I was watching Full House the other day, and it made me realize that I don't know who my family is. That made me kinda sad. And then I recieved a mysterious note. It said "Dear Bruce, You are a Ranga Penguin! Every single Ranga has a special power, but it doesn't come to them until the time is right. There are more Rangas out there, but some evil people are trying to make us extinct, so the rest of us are in hiding. Now you know the truth!" I don't know who sent it to me...

Well, Bruce, someday you'll find the other Rangas. But until then, I think we're all a family, through thick and thin. :-)


Well, I traveled all this way to the edge of the Mississippi River! And now, the legend says, if I cluck my heels three times, an evil creature will rise and attempt to take over the world! Muahaha! *Clucks heels three times.*


Writer and Director: John
Producer: Kelly
This has been a Fuddy Production.

NEXT TIME ON THE SEASON PREMIERE OF SPINNER AND FRIENDS: Fuddyville has a brand new resident. Spinner and the others try to be nice, but whenever she's around, something unlucky happens. The other residents are furious--they don't want a bad omen in their town. Will Spinner be able to prove to everyone that she's not evil and there's no need to destroy her?

Hey kiddies! Fuddy Productions is looking for a third member to help out with the Spinner and Friends community. We need someone who can help put up episodes, promote the community, and who can make graphics. You'll also get to know all about the upcoming episodes of the show. If you would like to sign up, reply with an e-mail address and if you have one, your AIM screenname.
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