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¤mi amor¤

NEW SEASON!!! 201 - The Invasion

How in the world do humans wear these shoes?

Ugh! Those shoes are SOO out of style! So, which one of you boys would like a kiss?

Oh no. It's the Lip Gloss Gals.

Kiss me Spinner!

I <3 you, Bruce!

Ooh, Chino, give me a big juicy kiss!

I am SO in love right now...

We're going to go find some cuter boys. Let's go, gals!


Whoa! The Lip Gloss Gals have just been invaded by a spaceship, or something! Although they may be annoying, I need to go rescue them!

Muahaha! My name is the evil Hallie Horrible. Be terrified, because there is no escape!

Boys, boys, boys. Where are the boys?

SHUT UP! There are no boys here! A legend says that when the town of Fuddyville is destroyed, I will be able to take over the world! And once I steal all your love for boys, and transform it into power, I'll be the most powerful organism in the world!

Stop right there! That ain't cool!


Muaha! It's too late! Their love for boys is gone, and is now all of my power! Hahaha!

Wait a minute...I don't like this. There's too much...too much! I GIVE IT BACK!

Come on! Let's go!

Well girls, I hope that this adventure has taught you that there are more important things than boys. Like protecting yourself from murderous, evil creatures.

Umm...no. C'mon gals, let's go make a Xanga and talk about boys!

Good-bye, Chino! Good-bye forever!

My heart is broken.

Oh my gosh! They hurt Chino!

You bad guys!

Well, Hallie Horrible is still out there, and we'll have to stop her. But until then...how do we work these shoes?

NEXT TIME ON SPINNER AND FRIENDS: For so long, for so many adventures, Chino has been hurt. Whether it's a broken heart, a stomach ache, or the loss of a friend, he's getting hurt everyday. Chino is determined to figure out why all the pain happens to him, and how to stop it. Will he be able to succeed...or just end up making things worse?
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