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Hello Spinner fans, this is John here, writer/director of Spinner and Friends. I've just wanted to let you know that life has been stressful, and all good things must come to an end, so this post is the official finale of SAF. This was originally supposed to be a real two-part episode, but things have been difficult, and I only have time to type up everything for you. Please read!

In the finale, Spinner, Chino, and Bruce were going to attend the Fuddyville Parade, with Gizmo (remember him from the first few episodes?) who was visiting Fuddyville. Unfortunately, the evil Lord Dharma Disgusting ruins the parade, with a gang-up of all the evil villains Spinner has ever faced. This includes Tony Ravioli, new godfadda of the Ravioli mafia, Grandma Goodall--the evil gorilla, Patrick the vampire, the evil librarian, and Crayola Man who was the one that brought Lord Dharma Disgusting to life. Then L.D.D. opens up a time vortex, planning to bring Hershey Kiss (remember him?!) to the present, despite his death in the past.

Spinner was devistated by Hershey Kiss' death, and having to talk to him again would be terrible. Fortunately, Bruce saves the day by jumping into the time vortex and stopping it from working. This causes him to be lost in time. Normally, this would be a bad thing, but Bruce recently discovered that his family is on the hideout from something evil, and they're living in the future. Bruce will be able to travel to the future and find his family once and for all. And what Bruce actually does to find his family is a matter of a spin-off...

Spinner, Chino, Hershey Man, Gizmo, and all the other Fuddyville residents are able to defeat Lord Dharma Disgusting and her evil minions. Best of all, Anthony Ravioli, ex-godfadda of the Ravioli Mafia is now a scientist, and he is able to cure Chino's curse. Finally, Chino is a normal horse.

The world has finally been saved!

My apologies for not having a real episode, but it's been kind of hard to keep up with the show. And just so you know, a new Spinner show is definitely in the works, so stay a member of this community while I get the new show prepared. It's going to be even better...
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